CWA Local 2009

Building a Great Union;

Being part of a great union doesn’t require a secret recipe. The fundamentals are easy and takes only a minimal amount of work to accomplish. So what can each and every reader do to build a stronger union.  You might be surprised but there is really only one thing that needs to be done for your union to improve drastically. You have to participate. Participation is what it takes to create a great union.   So what is participation and how can you add one more thing to your busy schedule?

Participation can mean going to the union meetings and exercising your right to vote on the things that your officers, your executive board, and your fellow members spend your dues on. Do you have to attend every meeting? No, but showing concern and ensuring your dues are being spent well should be everyone’s desire. Have you never been to a meeting and are worried about what to do? Don’t worry just show up and observe; odds are you will find your self saying yeah or nay to some issue being voted upon and maybe you might even feel inclined to share why you feel the way you do regarding a specific topic.   Participation can also be done in other ways. Do you show your support for our union? Do you wear red on Thursdays? If everyone showed up in red on Thursdays imagine what a statement that would make to management. Wearing red on Thursday lets management know that you support your union. A show of solidarity is paramount for the upcoming contract negotiations.  Participation is stepping up when your union plans events and attending. Does your union have a summer picnic? A Christmas party? When your union plans an event and asks for you to come out where are you? How many times do you want to pay for a Christmas Party and only a few people show up?

Building a great union is not some complicated endeavor. It only takes a little commitment, one to one and a half hours a month to attend a meeting. Wearing a red shirt on Thursdays to let management know that we are united and once or twice a year stepping out and getting to know your union brothers and sisters better.

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