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So how many times have you worried about keeping your health care, or having a pension, or living the American Dream? Now more than ever it is time for us to act.

COPE stands for the Committee on Political Education. It’s CWA’s grassroots vehicle for making members’ voices heard in political campaigns. Money goes toward informational mailings to members, it supports voter registration drives and phone banks and aids the campaigns of pro-worker candidates and issues at local, state and national levels.

This program isn’t about supporting one political party or the other it is about labor friendly candidates. Does the candidate support minimum wage increases? Do they support prevailing wage laws? Do they support the employee free choice act? COPE is a means for us as working class families to contribute to candidates that believe in the middle class.

Corporations spend millions of dollars on election campaigns yearly. To combat this CWA is asking that everyone contribute $8 for 08. $8 a month or just $2 dollars a week. By doing just a little bit, everyone can fight for good jobs and the American Dream.

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